Data privacy

Personal data

Personal data is information concerning your identity: name, address,delivery address, phone number and e-mail address.

All personal data that has been communicated to us is used exclusively to execute orders or treat inquiries. We never transfer your personal data to third parties.

All personal data is saved in our database for the period of time needed to execute your order or treat your inquiry or for the period of time imposed by law.

However for the purpose of credit ratings information needs to be exchanged with credit reference agencies. Your right of privacy however will be taken into account at all times.

The payment of your orders through our website can be executed through third parties, e.g. PayPal. These providers collect, save and process your user data in order to be able to provide their services. In case these providers cannot collect or can only partially collect the money owed by the user,the user data will be transmitted to Gunthart who will in their turn block the customer's account. This also counts in case e.g. credit card companies debits Günthart for a customer's transaction.

Anonymous data

When visiting the Gunthart website certain information with regards to your access (date, time, visited pages) can be saved on our server. This kind of data does not count as personal data, they are entirely anonymous. Examples: the name of your internet provider, the internet browser you use, pages visited within our internet presence. We use this data exclusively for statistical purposes and for the improvement of our website.
For market studies and marketing purposes only anonymous data is used.


When visiting the Günthart website certain data can be saved on your computer. This data is called "Cookie" which facilitates the use of the Gunthart website. However you do have the possibility to disable this function within your browser. In this case the operability of our pages could be partly restricted.


When subscribing to our newsletter information is gathered to process and save your subscription. You can however unsubscribe at all times and with immediate effect.

All customer information is saved and processed by us under strict application of the laws on the right on privacy.

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