96 pcs Swiss cross, white chocolate

Art.No.: 5466
Sales Unit: 96,000
Material: Chocolate
Motif: cross
Colour: white
Weight: 212g
Due to quality reasons we’re unable to deliver chocolate items by temperatures over 25 degrees. In particular case we’ll check if we can send the goods or not.

Manufacturer:  Günthart & Co. KG - Hauptstraße 37 - 79801 Hohentengen a.H. - Germany
Net weight:  212 g

Sales name:  white chocolate
Ingredients:  Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, WHOLE MILK POWDER, emulsifier SOY LECITHINE, natural vanilla flavour. May contain traces of nuts.
Allergic information 1:  WHOLE MILK POWDER
Allergic information 2:  SOY LECITHIN

Nutrition facts per 100g

Nutrition facts:  100 g
Caloric value:  2386 kJ
Caloric value:  570 kcal
Fat:  42 g
Saturated fatty acids:  25 g
Carbohydrates:  65 g
Sugar:  64 g
Proteins:  7 g
Salt:  0 g

Directions:  Stored in a dry place and not above room temperature. Storage 24h before use at 6°C and max. 60% humidity.
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