Marzipan chicks, flat, asstd.

Art.No.: 4055
Sales Unit: 60 pieces
Size: 27 x 38 x 8 mm
Material: Marzipan
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Manufacturer:  G√ľnthart & Co KG - Hauptstr. 37 - 79801 Hohentengen - Germany
Net weight:  237,60 g

Sales name:  marzipan with sugar decoration
Ingredients:  Ingredients: sugar, ALMONDS (27%), glucose syrup, rice flour, rice bran oil, humectant invertase, potato starch, carthamus concentrate, beetroot juice concentrate, thickener E 414, solubilized MILK PROTEIN, acidulant E 330, flavor, colors: E 100, E 101, E 120, E 132, E 153, E 160a. May contain traces of nuts and eggs.
Allergic information 1:  Milk including lactose
Allergic information 2:  Nuts

Nutrition facts per 100g

Caloric value:  1840 kJ
Fat:  15,9 g
Saturated fatty acids:  1,4 g
Carbohydrates:  65 g
Sugar:  63 g
Proteins:  6,6 g
Salt:  0,02 g

Country of origin:  Germany

Directions:  Protect from heat, stored in a dry place and protected from light
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